How To Create

an Improvement Plan

for Overwatch

How To Create an Improvement Plan

for Overwatch

This guide will give you hands-on tips on how you can create an improvement plan and some methods to make sure your improvement is consistent.

People tend to make the mistake of believing that a newly learned concept will be part of their kit instantly without practicing it. While some of you might work like this, the rest of us need hands-on experience about a topic before we can really integrate it into our everyday skill set.

We believe that by learning about how to learn can help you in more ways than one. You can apply this knowledge anywhere, not just in Overwatch, but we are going to heavily focus on trying to improve different aspects of your Overwatch game.

Learning styles

We are going to very briefly explain learning styles in this section. This is going to help you understand yourself better because discovering what your primary learning style is an important first step towards finding the best way to improve. Knowing your primary style can help in choosing the right channels and materials for you to learn from. 

Visual learning

The first style is visual learning. This type of learner benefits the most from watching things happening. If you watch pro players and game analysis or spectate someone playing, then you are learning visually. You see what is going on the screen, store it in your brain and will try to use it when a similar situation happens that you have witnessed.

If you are a visual learner, we recommend you watching high-level players playing the game and trying to figure out the reasoning behind their actions. Watching videos can help too, but you need to make sure to take action and get your hands dirty.

Auditory learning

The auditory learners tend to have the best retention and understanding of a new topic if they are able to hear it. Lovers of audiobooks, podcasts, and videos are mostly audio learners who tend to process the information they get and think about it immediately. Auditory learners tend to love talking about interesting topics, strengthening their knowledge even more by making their thoughts into words and sentences.

If you are an auditory learner, you will benefit from learning from videos and from verbally expressing your ideas and knowledge about Overwatch. Have a bunch of people who you can talk with about topics you want to improve and trade your thoughts. This way you will have the ability to strengthen your knowledge and learn new things faster.

Read/write learning

The next learning style is read/write learning. People who tend to love written materials better and who feel distracted by the visual and audio cues of a video are learners of this style. If you find yourself reading Reddit and other forums instead of watching videos and streams, you are a read/write learner.

Kinesthetic learning

The last style in these models is kinesthetic learning. Learners of this style need hands-on experience in order to learn new topics or get rid of bad habits. In Overwatch this means that if you learn about a new concept, you need to get into the game and try it. This learning style may be hard to use for abstract topics like ultimate economy, or resource management. The key aspect here is paying attention to what is going on during the game and making sure that whatever you do you focus on your current topic during your game. 

Figuring out what to work on

Alright, so now you should be able to classify yourself into one or more learning styles. The next thing to do is to figure out what you need to work on. This is a lot harder than it sounds like as Overwatch knowledge is really vast and you may not be able to recognize what you need to do at first.

The most common things that keep people back are

  • Positioning mistakes, the leading cause of deaths in Overwatch. For example: staying in front of your tanks as DPS and getting killed first, or lagging behind as support and getting murdered by enemy flankers.
  • Game sense mistakes, aka not being able to properly recognize what you need to do in a specific situation. For example: not knowing that you need to regroup with your team, going into unfavorable situations where you get killed, or not using your ultimate at the right time and being countered.
  • Mechanical mistakes, something that a lot of you are worried about, but these are the least important things. For example: different aiming styles, optimal ability usage, ultimate placement, etc.

In order to see what is going wrong, you can use the primary learning style to find materials that explain topics you feel less certain about in your game. Try to record a video and watch it back, looking for mistakes. Find deaths and roll back from there to recognize what mistake you made that lead to your demise. 

If you feel stuck, unable to get better on your own, you can always find communities like the Omnicoach Discord, where you can ask your improvement related question and you can also use Omnicoach which was designed to help you improve and win more.

Creating a schedule for improvement

So let’s say that you figured out that 5% accuracy rate with Widowmaker is bad as hell and you need to work on that. The next step is to create an improvement plan and keep to it. In order to construct one, do the following:

  • Research the topic in your favorite learning style and look for ways to practice the topic. In this example, you read about Widow aiming, watch videos about Widow and watch pro-s playing her. Then you look for Widowmaker Drills as something that you can do, and also read about playing custom games to improve your aim on Reddit.
  • The next thing is to have a reasonable goal. During your research, try to figure out a good benchmark for the skill that you want to learn. In this example we want to reach 50% aim accuracy with Widowmaker. If you die too much, you want to lower your deaths, if you fail to stick Tracer ults, you go for more sticks. Having a reasonable and challenging goal is really important.
  • Figure out your time constraints. Let’s say you play 3 hours a week. It’s not reasonable to expect yourself to get to 50% accuracy in just 3 hours, you usually need 10-20 hours of practice for a new skill to stick. Figure out when you spend time on practice and when do you just want to play. Keep to the schedule as best as you can.
  • The last thing is to keep a record of your progress, so you can see if you need to change something. Let’s say that you practice for 10 minutes, two times a day to improve your accuracy, but you fail to go above 10% in 5 days. You are basically making no progress. Refine your knowledge, start from the research phase and figure out what is going wrong. You may have a really bad mouse or controller settings, or need to lower your input lag, etc. Refine your improvement plan if needed.

Additional tips

  • Some short tips regarding your improvement plan: write down your goals and place them somewhere where you can see them. Cross them out if you are done with them and make sure you reward yourself with something, just to make sure improvement stays fun.
  • Always try to be open to feedback when you are working on some aspect of your game. But do think about the feedback and make sure you only use what is really relevant to you.
  • Reddit is a great source of knowledge, and you can also chat on different Overwatch discords to get help and to talk about the game or find buddies.
  • There are many different Overwatch channels on YouTube with their own niche. Find the ones you like or ask around to see who is a credible source of knowledge.
  • Some high-level players are doing educational streams as well, where they explain their thought processes, and you can learn a lot from their experiences.

In order to get better, you need dedication and the willpower to keep on the path of improvement. We can’t give you that, but we can give you the knowledge and support that you need if you are on our Discord. Feel free to ask around.  

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