Discord Team Q&A:)

Discord Team Q&A:)

Jenztr: “What was the biggest problem you had to deal with during the development?”

Omnicoach: Landing 2 headshot mid-air in our Widowmaker “hook jump” exercise video. We probably tried for half an hour, but the bots were too strong so eventually we gave up. We are still depressed about it.

Zesty: “Will Omnicoach support more languages?”

Omnicoach: It is certainly a possibility in the future, we are more-or-less prepared to do this on the technical side, but this requires an insane amount of work on the translator’s part. We have multiple books worth of written tips and exercises, translating these takes a long time. We think this would be really awesome, but prioritizing other features is way more important right now. We won’t support non-English Overwatch game clients in the near future however, so you are stuck with that when you are recording.

TOR: “Are you guys programming college students or something working on this or just a bunch of random peeps that decided to make something cool”

Omnicoach: This is not a garage project 🙂 We started a fully dedicated team who decided to do something cool for esports. We work full time on the project and the team has grown to 11 ppl now.

Jenztr:  “What do you think are the advantages of Omnicoach?”

Omnicoach: We would like to emphasize the vast number of tips that we provide during a review. The AI was trained by 5 Overwatch coaches in the last year, having more than 2000 individual, situations specific tips that we can cover. This is no small feat.

Touillette: “Do you plan to make a standalone software that can analyse games from the computer?”

Omnicoach: Nope! A standalone software is not part of our plan. But we might expand the concept of the coaching engine for other games.

Taun_Taun777:What inspired you guys to create Omnicoach? Origin Story please!”

Omnicoach: The whole idea roots back when alienteavend saw a gamer magazine on the desk of IronDan. What a coincidence🤣! They started to chat. Alienteavend had an idea for an AI coach. The very basic idea of Omnicoach was born in that moment and the initial commitment to build it was laid down. And the rest is history.

Taun_Taun777: “What is everyone’s main?”

Omnicoach: We’ve played every single role. We always preferred to play all the heroes in competitive, we think that is the best way if you want to have a great understanding of game mechanics and matchups. Anyway, here is a hint for personal preferences: https://omnicoach.gg/about-us/

Hershy99: What is everyone’s SR?”

Omnicoach – Hykleri: Oh boy… I was a stable 4100-4300 player in earlier seasons when I was a competitor, but since then I have dropped down to 3600-3800. I don’t play competitive often (working a lot on Omnicoach) and even if I do I play solo as main tank. I know, all these excuses…

Fresco: Pineapple on pizza? Yes or no and why?”

Omnicoach: Absolutely yes. Pineapple is awesome.

Jenztr: What’s your opinion on BrIGItTe?”

Omnicoach – Hykleri: As I mainly play tanks in competitive, I am not amused. Her recent balance changes are promising though.

TOR: How to Diamond?”

Omnicoach: Use Omnicoach:). Focus on mechanical skill, stay calm and always communicate with your team, this is really important!

Korner83: How can you train an AI? How can you program the basic rules and how many developers have been involved in the process?”

Omnicoach:  The Coaching Engine is the the essence of everything. It sees all the events extracted from the game (thousands of raw events) by the Game Analyzer, and creates coaching tips based on what is happening in your game. Every single thing that is happening in the game is analyzed, measured and put in context in order to serve you with personalized tips that can be tracked in the video timeline.

The engine has thousands of individual tips that are triggered by different in-game events, and this numbers keeps rising day by day.

Korner83: what is the SR range where you guys think that Omnicoach is effective? (0-3500?)”

Omnicoach: We believe that Omnicoach can help anyone up to masters.

Touillette: When do you plan to buy Google’s company and take over the world?”

Omnicoach: Google is a small indie company, I don’t think we are interested.

Fresco: Did you just assume my gender? I identify as an attack helicopter.”

Omnicoach: We are absolutely fine with you being an attack helicopter. Writing “girls and boys” is just a figure of speech. Omnicoach is open to all, you can identify as female, male, transgender, cisgender, non-binary etc. We are all about Peace, Love, Unity and Respect.

Jenztr: “Why do you like Overwatch?”

Omnicoach: Hold on, we have never said that we actually LIKE Overwatch 🤣. Most probably the excitement from teamplay keeps us there but we also think it’s because of the pace. It’s such a quick game. You play, engage, lose or die, get back, fight again, game over, go into another game etc.

Fuuya: What are the most and least beasty things about alienteavend?”

Omnicoach: Most beasty things are his height, his sexy look, deep voice and his brain. Also, this man literally works 24 hours a day. Least beasty thing is the lack of free time due to his extreme work regime.

Fuuya:what’s a feature about Omnicoach you all thought was cool when you came up with it but it can’t be realized (yet)?”

Omnicoach: Ohh, this is a good one! We initially wanted to include a lot of features, which eventually never made it to the system due to many reasons. Lack of data, lack of manpower, lack of budget, lack of time but mostly because our focus was always on building a strong basis and “decorate” later. We wanted the heart of the system to work well and once that would be settled and Omnicoach is stable, we could start to gradually add more and new features (this is actually something that is happening right now). But in general we wanted to include map specific analysis, team specific analysis, improvement plan for every single player who is using Omnicoach based on personal results. We started to develop an Omnicoach index (we called it hero index) which was meant to show the user’s improvement based on every uploaded VOD. Rest assured, we never gave up on these ideas and we are planning to add them (maybe not all of them, but most of them) eventually to Omnicoach.

Korner83: can the AI also notice if you made a super good decision or made some crazy nice thing in the game? I think it would be important to also point out your strength and not only your weakness.

Omnicoach: Yes, we have positive tips where we encourage you to do the same or we congratulate you on an important support kill and stuff like that. But in the future we are thinking to add more features that are in connection with improvement or simply highlighting the best parts of your game.

Fuuya: I want a silly picture of the team at their workplace.”

Omnicoach: Sorry, no picture for now. But we promise to post one for Xmas:)

Jenztr: Is Omnicoach able to detect certain teamcomps? (I don’t mean just the heroes) I mean teamcomps like Goats or sombra-doomfist-dives? And does it give tips on how to behave in such teamcomps? (Or will it be able to?)

Omnicoach: In theory the system is capable of recognising such team compositions, and we do provide some tips related to different kind of styles such as dive or goats, but we generally focus more on individual tips right now. However, this is an important feature that we are going to add sooner or later.

Boddhi: When will Omnicoach be updated with more resolution options? (2560x1080 please!)

Omnicoach: For a while now it will be 1920x1080p. We have very useful guides on how to record videos in this resolution:) + we are always here to help, you can ask questions from us anytime!

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