Omnicoach game recorder

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The Omnicoach Game Recorder is a downloadable application that helps you to record your gameplays automatically with close to no effort.


The tool checks if you started a match, starts recording automatically and stops when you finished the match. We recommend using it over manually configuring a recording tool (such as OBS, Shadowplay, etc), as the recording quality and size is optimized for view experience as well as data analytics.

Download the installer here

Omnicoach Game Recorder uses Overwolf as the host platform.

Supported games


Records gameplays automatically for uploading to Omnicoach services and using for other purposes (eg: video editing). After installation you can launch the app from the desktop or from the Overwolf launcher. First you’ll see the desktop window, which is the main management UI for videos, recording settings, and general info. By clicking the cogwheel button on the right, you’ll see all the app’s settings. Currently all these settings are about recording parameters and options. By clicking the info button you’ll get the info panel, where you get general info about the app, and additional contact information. The app supports 4 games currently:
  • Valorant
  • League Of Legends
  • Apex Legends
  • CS:GO
If you start a supported game, an in-game window will appear from which you can start/stop your recording and observe the recording status. The change of the recording icon, the status messages, and the active time counter will give you feedback on that there is a recording going on. You can also track the status of an ongoing recording on the desktop window’s status bar, or even stop the recording there.   The following hotkeys are available for the app, you can remap these in Overwolf if you want to
  • show/hide the in-game window: Ctrl+F1
  • start/stop recording: Ctrl+F9
The in-game window displays the configured hotkeys for these actions, you can be sure which action can be triggered by which key combination. If you enable Settings -> General -> Auto record matches, the recording will be automatically started/stopped when you enter/leave matches in the game.   If you leave everything on default, the app automatically selects the best encoder and optimal encoder settings for you. You can to override this automatism if you want to, and you can do it gradually
  • explicit encoder with automatic parameters,
  • or explicit encoder with explicit parameters
If you finish a recording, the resulting video will be added to the video gallery in the main window. Here you can open the containing folder of a given video, or delete the video if you choose. For every video a separate folder is created under the designated recordings folder. Each folder contains the video along with associated metadata files.

How to install the app?

To install the app, first you need to download and install Overwolf.

When Overwolf is installed, click the Download button above to download the Omnicoach Game Recorder app. This downloads an installer .exe file that you can double click to install.

How do I record games?

You can go to the settings (cogwheel icon) and set auto recording on to enjoy hassle free auto recording in supported games.

In case you want to record manually, you can set the recording hotkey in Overwolf.

You can also use the in-game overlay to click on the record button to start/stop recording.


Either way the in-game overlay will indicate the status.

Where are my videos?

Recorded gameplay is saved to: c:\Users\youruser\Videos\Overwolf\OmnicoachGameRecorder\ by default, which can be configured in Overwolf.

What can I do with the recorded videos?

You can upload the video files to Omnicoach and partners’ services to complete quests and get rewards. Uploaded matches also have a neat video analysis and event based navigation.


You can also use these videos as is, eg: to upload to YouTube.

How much resource does the recording take from my PC?

The recording performance of the app is highly optimized. On average, you should not see more than 5% CPU usage for recording, which should not impact gameplay. If available, the app will use GPU acceleration to encode videos.


We recommend using the automatic settings, or dedicated GPU solutions when recording.

It the app safe? What about anticheats?

The application is built on top of Overwolf, which is a whitelisted application for all supported games. No need to worry about anti cheats detecting anything fishy, we are only recording your gameplay.

If you have any further questions or suggestions, feel free to email us at

Automatic recording does not work

Make sure that you are playing a supported game, and that you enabled automatic recording in the app setting. In case there was a game update recently, the Overwolf might be working on actualizing game event detection. In the meantime, please record manually.

I can’t find where to rebind hotkeys

Go to the Overwolf settings, find the hotkeys section and rebind your hotkeys there. 

The in-game panel is obstructing my view

The in game panel will auto-hide after a short time when the recording state changes. If you want to show/hide it manually by the assigned hotkey (default: Ctrl+F9), or also drag the panel elsewhere on your screen if you want to.

The recorded videos are laggy or have other visual artifacts

If you have a low end PC, make sure to select a lower resolution and try that way. If the recording is still problematic, you can adjust the recording settings manually to your own needs (in case you are uploading videos to the Omnicoach platform, make sure that you check the minimum video requirements before making changes here).