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Our platform connects Esports teams and their sponsors with fans via authentic in-game experiences, helping you engage and monetize your audience more effectively.
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We Play Their Game

Esports is a multi-billion-dollar industry. But to monetize the fans, you’ve gotta play their game. That’s where Omnicoach can help.

Craft contextual, on-brand experiences

Our white-label platform exists to serve you and your sponsors. Use it to engage fans in a new style of campaign that 80% of gamers love.*

(*80% of Valorant gamers, that is — just check our Case Study )

Meet gamers on their own turf

Build campaigns into gameplay, authentically connecting sponsors to gamers by linking coupons to in-game events, boosting webshop visitors, and raising brand awareness

Harness your connection with fans

Your fanbase is an asset: one that’s loyal to your brand. Unlock new revenue streams by monetizing the connection through coaching content, training exercises, and guides.


Ability Usage

Exercised Name

Scannibg Ahead


This short video exercise will show you multiple game winning Recon Arrow spots. Use them to your advantage!


Watch the whole video and practice these spots in a custom game


10-15 minutes before playing real games for 3 days


Go to the next arrow spot after you have successfully landed the previous one 3 times in a row

Games we cover

with more in the works

As you sit and scroll, your fans game

Here’s how we’ll help you reach gamers where they game

Day 1 - We’ll set you (and your sponsors) up on the Omnicoach platform

Including a custom domain, logos, and the colors of your choice. That way, you’ll not only raise brand awareness, you’ll reach and engage gamers authentically

Day 2 - We’ll help you get your campaign and your content on point

Whether you’re linking coupons to in-game events, offering coaching, or creating educational guides, we’ll help you perfect (and test) your campaign strategy.

When everything’s in place, you’ll launch!

Leaving gamers to enjoy match navigation, stats and insights, quest rewards, and unique content — while you grow your database and your sponsors connect with fans

And with Omnicoach, you’ll own everything but the tech

We designed Omnicoach to be a simple white-label service. You pay to access the platform, then you can use it as you like.


Attract users, create quests and content, or monetize your fanbase: whatever your approach, everything you create remains yours — as does all your user data.

Here’s what DeToNator said
about the platform.

Over 80% of fans said they preferred having to ‘win’ coupons (versus simply seeing them in banner ads or giveaways). As a result, they’re more likely to redeem them, meaning the Omnicoach platform will directly boost our e-commerce sales. Plus, it’s a white-label service, so we can offer it to brand partners

Following the success of the pilot, we’re going to use Omnicoach throughout Japan. And we’re sure it’ll become a scalable revenue stream that helps us leverage our valuable brand assets. The quick setup also means we can offer it to sponsors, and they can create quests to promote their brands to our community in an entirely authentic way.

Here’s Why

10x impressions on Twitter

80% of users prefer quest-type ads vs. traditional ads

35% of users shared quest results on socials

Lower CPA vs. past campaigns

Direct user Monetization

Looking for ways to engage your

fanbase and create new revenue streams?

About Us

As a team that loves to game, we know how gamers think. And gamers don’t mind advertising — but to be truly effective, an advert must improve, not impact, the gaming experience.


That’s the mantra we live by at Omnicoach.

Our mission

At Omnicoach, we recognize that advertising is incredibly valuable to Esports. But as gamers, we know there’s limited value in dropping banner ads into games.


That’s why we’ve designed a solution that first creates value for gamers, then delivers on our mission to help Esport teams grow and monetize their fan base — either directly, or by connecting sponsors with fans in a more authentic way.

Your platform

Our white label solution can become any team’s branded platform in just one day, with an AI-powered quest and match analysis service that engages fans by improving their game.


With our proprietary computer vision and machine learning technologies, you can link specific in-game actions to rewards, coupons, or branded offers, giving Esports sponsors an exceptionally effective marketing tool.

Common goal

After all, the success of Esports lies in your team’s ability to grow. But for your team to grow, you need a way to build your user base, better monetize your audience, and connect your sponsors to fans authentically.


We can help your team do all three — and more — because we’re fans and gamers at heart, and we understand how this unique community thinks.

Looking for ways to engage

your fanbase and create new revenue streams?