Omnicoach is looking for a MEDIOR SOFTWARE AUTOMATED TEST ENGINEER with Python, Pytest and Selenium knowledge to join our development team.


We are creating a SAAS platform that is based on a highly scalable microservice architecture. Our tests are currently created and maintained by developers (and integrated into our development lifecycle and CI/CD systems), and now the workload requires a dedicated person to take over, maintain and contribute to the automated test development.

This role is critical in supporting the daily development processes with high quality automated tests and in guaranteeing great user experience for our partners and end users by eliminating as many user-facing errors as possible before each release.


  • You have 2+ years of work experience in Automated Software Testing
  • You have close attention to detail
  • You are familiar with the Software Development Lifecycle
  • You are open to research- and learn new technologies when needed
  • We need someone with analytical thinking: you should be able to methodically think through problems, formulate and express your ideas well.

Responsibilities include

  • Taking part in feature planning as a QA representative
  • Writing and contributing to automated test scripts in Python (eg: unit tests, integration tests) to support developers
  • Writing and contributing to automated GUI test scripts in Selenium (Python), to test our platform end-to-end
  • QA for different environments, demos deployments, etc
  • Maintaining and optimizing our software QA processes (tools, reports, CI/CD, quality gates, etc).

Key qualifications

  • Medior automated software test engineer skills: good knowledge of testing methodologies, technologies
  • Good command of Python 3 and the PyTest module
  • Good understanding of web applications, experience in UX driven testing (in Selenium)
  • Independence, ability to work on open ended testing tasks and provide results
  • Analytical thinking, ability to communicate clearly and efficiently
  • Good written and verbal English skills.

Bonus qualifications

  • Devops experience (CI/CD)
  • Experience with agile, scrum
  • Technical savviness
  • Gaming experience.

Omnicoach is looking for a BACK OFFICE MANAGER to join our expanding team.

If you want to become a part of a growing tech startup, learn the many aspects of the financial, reporting, legal HR and administration area, get a comprehensive vision on how a real business is operating, read on!


You are going to work with the COO to guarantee the smooth daily operation, keep the company’s financial health, assure clean and ad up-to-date administration for the business and strategy decision making. 


  • We need you to understand the operation of a business entity as it is. Basic background knowledge on finance, administration, legal and controlling are is needed.
  • We need someone who can:
  •  adopt company-specific processes
  • pay attention to details
  • work independently with supervisor support provided
  • have clear and transparent communication
  • have structural way of thinking
  • and who perform daily task carefully and reliably

Responsibilities include

  • Help the COO with Assistance
  • in monthly closing:
    • Collection, registration and upload of incoming invoices
    • Coding invoices for reporting purposes
    • Managing attendance sheets
    • Upload bank and other statements
    • Checking formal and content requirements of invoices
  • In monthly and other settlements with contractual partners;
  • In drafting contracts and arranging due signatures on them;
  • In keeping the records of contracts with all stakeholders;
  • In keeping the records of Company Documents (like deed of association etc.);
  • In arranging transfer of invoices, taxes, salaries etc.;
  • In supporting Statutory Audits (preparing and obtaining analytics, reports, statements);
  • In communicating with Accountant / Controller / Lawyer / Tender Consultant and other clients in connection with administration issues;
  • In the administration related to the Investments;
  • In payroll and HR relates issues to support teams’ health (like organizing team buildings, online and offline events).

Key qualifications

  • Solid financial and background with the determined willingness to deepen finance and administration knowledge
  • Intermediate written and verbal English skills
  • Structured mindset, ability to communicate clearly and efficiently
  • Ability to work in a startup environment (sometimes things can get hectic)
  • Reliable person.

Bonus qualifications

  • Backgrounds in the SME sector or similar earlier position at start-ups
  • Legal experience
  • Experience in investments and tenders
  • Some knowledge about games, love of



If you are interested in the position, please send an email with CV attached  to